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The first question people asks when it comes to the business is, what inspired the business name and who is Estelle?

Well, there is no simple answer, more of an inspiring story.

Our company's name and everything we put into it is based on my Grandmother, Estelle Sieberhagen who sadly passed away on 18 march 2022 at the age of 80. 
She was a woman like no other. Beautiful, Kind, Generous, Inspiring, Forgiving and Talented. 
She had a grade in Fine Art, but was never limited to just that.
Her home always smelled so lovely, as did she. She walked and talked with grace. She touched everyone she met with her warmth. Her passion for Interior, Fashion and Art is what I believed inspired my family of mostly Artists and Creators. She taught me to forgive. She taught me to be kind, to pick up another person’s crown and to make someone else's day by giving that compliment.

I would think of no other name to use than that of my Beautiful Grandmother. 
If there is one thing that I would wish upon our business is that we will be able to make other people around us happy, by creating spaces they can love and feel comfortable in. Selling products that they can decorate with, to wear and to create.

Doing it with Kindness, Grace, Passion and to Inspire you our client to be the best in whatever your heart desires. To feel the warmth and love that Estelle brought to this world. 


All My Love
Alicia Wambach 
The House of Estelle

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